Cross Country is a fun and rewarding sport open to all those in the Upper Fifth and above who would like to improve their fitness and take on the challenge of improving physical and mental stamina. Endurance is a vital quality to develop, and Cross Country is the ideal sport for this.

We train three times a week during both the Michaelmas and Lent terms, concentrating one day on fitness and endurance, and at least once a week we run in the nearby hills and woods, through some of Surrey’s most spectacular countryside. Pupils usually run in three separate groups, to which they are allocated according to ability.

Contrary to many misconceptions, cross country is not just an individual sport, but is very much a team sport, and all pupils must compete in a fixture in September before selections are made for subsequent events. The sense of camaraderie is tremendous, and the team works together closely in both training and fixtures in a friendly and supportive, but energetic and driven, mindset. Racing is full of strategy and thought.

It is hoped that, as well as attending the many fixtures against other schools in the area, we will also start to develop biathlon and triathlon teams in the future as well as competing in some charitable events, such as the Surrey 10k.


We currently meet on the Speech Hall steps at 3.15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with matches or a longer run on Saturdays during the Lent term.

Cross Country Staff

Mr. Sam Cooke is Head of Cross Country, supported by coaching staff Mr. Steve Pidgeon and Mr. Kevin Weaver

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