Art and Design Studios

Woodyer Art Studios

The Woodyer Studios provide some of the best school art facilities in the country. Six large studios provide specialist provision for painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture and ceramics. A Sixth Form studio enables each student to have their own working space; two suites of computers provide digital facilities while photography is also equipped with a traditional dark room. The printmaking studio is equipped for relief printing, acid based etching, and screen-printing. A large project studio provides for a weekly Sixth Form life-class and for exhibitions of student work.


The Design Engineering department boasts three fully equipped design studios and workshops. Each design studio features a suite of both PC’s and Mac’s running the latest 2D and 3D CAD software, alongside ample space for the delivery of theoretical content and sketching. Each studio is equipped with a 3D Printer allowing for the rapid prototyping of 3D models created on Autodesk Fusion360. The department also features a CAM mezzanine which is an excellent space for building 3D printers, housing the large format printer and vinyl plotter.

The main Design Engineering workshop is housed within the schools’ original sports hall which allows for a considerably sized, open-plan workshop kitted out with the required tools and machinery. Branching from the main workshop space is an electronics lab for soldering and electronic circuit development, a CAM area consisting of a large format CNC Router and a Laser Cutter, and a heat treatment bay for welding and brazing.

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