Chapel & Quad


The Chapel of the Holy Child has been at the centre of School life since completion in 1869. The beautiful red brick neo-gothic Victorian Chapel was designed by Henry Woodyer, the architect of the main body of the School. Whilst the exterior is almost unchanged, the interior has been constantly evolving, with the addition of a new Mander organ and balcony in 2010, which was generously funded by Old Cranleighan Hamish Ogston. New flooring and seating were added in 2015 to celebrate the School’s 150th anniversary.


The original school was designed and built around the red-brick quad by Henry Woodyer in 1865 and the buildings contained dormitories and the Headmaster’s house as well as classrooms. The cloisters were little more than lean-tos and were renovated and improved in 1907 by then Headmaster George Allen. The square was originally paved but today its green lawn is an iconic view of Cranleigh for the students who cross it to reach the classroom blocks and Dining Hall on either side.