The final expedition of the academic year took place right at the end of the Summer holidays, with three somewhat apprehensive groups setting off for the Brecon Beacons National Park to undertake their assessed expedition. I am sure they would not mind me saying that during the practice trip quite a few lessons were learnt and that a degree of upskilling was required. However, the experience had clearly been taken on board and this expedition went as smoothly as I have ever known. All three groups arrived well kitted out, without much in the way of excess weight; excellent varied routes were selected giving wonderful views of the South Wales scenery; the weather held good for the duration of the trip and the wild camp spots were delightful (if a little thistley and Eeyoreish at times).

Yes – there were sore feet and tired legs, but everyone seemed to remain positive and certainly managed to give a cheerful impression at all times.

A massive congratulation to all the participants and a particular thank you to Mr Julian Money and Miss Jemima Young for their stalwart help.