At Cranleigh we are very lucky in that there is a huge range of opportunities to get involved in Outdoor Education and indeed we are developing a dedicated Outdoor Education Centre on the South Field.

But why bother to get involved?

• It’s fun
• It gives new skills and interests
• It gets you out and about and introduces you to the natural environment.
• It teaches you self-reliance, motivation and organisation – all good life skills, just as useful in business as the Hindu Kush
• It develops leadership and team-work skills
• It provides challenges to push us outside our comfort zone and possibly right up to our physical and mental limits
• It can provide the thrill of an “adrenaline rush”, whilst teaching risk management.
• Some of the activities we do can be competitive, but in the majority of cases the only person you will be competing with is yourself.

As you can see these benefits are genuine, life-long and transferable to the workplace as much as leisure time. How many people still play Rugby or Netball after they leave school compared to those who retain an interest in walking, climbing, kayaking or simply enjoying the Outdoors?

Outdoor Education is provided in three tiers:

Something for everyone. All members of the IVth Form participate in a compulsory round-robin Outdoor Education programme for one afternoon a week during the Lent and Summer terms.

Basic Skills.Vth Formers (or those in the VIth Form, if they wish) are encouraged to get a grounding in one or more activities. These usually involve a regular weekly commitment and frequently work towards a specific standard or award such as the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or the basic competency test for climbing. There is also ample opportunity to go on trips and expeditions.

Specialisation. Later on there is the opportunity to specialise, learn more sophisticated skills and push one’s limits. We also try to provide maximum leadership opportunity for Sixth Formers. Again, numerous trips and expeditions are available each year.

We are lucky enough to be able to provide a huge range of activities, usually run and organised by members of Common Room. Between us we hold numerous qualifications, meaning that usually we can staff and instruct our own activities.

Further details of these activities can be found by following the links to the left or by contacting Dr Simon Young, Head of Outdoor Education:  sahy@cranleigh.org.