DW2Canoeing is now a well-established part of Cranleigh life, with opportunities for involvement at a number of levels:

Fourth Form
Canoeing features within the Fourth Form Outdoor Education Programme. The theme here is very much fun and gaining confidence in and out of a canoe. Hopefully, with their appetite whetted, many will be encouraged to opt for canoeing later on in their time at Cranleigh.


Fifth Form
For fifth formers, a canoe club runs once a week, currently pool based where skills such as self rescue, boat to boat rescue and possibly rolling can be learnt.DW3



Sixth Form
For those Cranleighans in the Sixth Form there is the opportunity to compete in both the Schools National Regatta (Michaelmas Term) and the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe RaceDW1 (Easter).  At this level, canoeing gets much more serious! Over the course of two terms the team will cope with two training sessions a week at School, plus two 3 hour outings on the river, mainly the Wey in Guildford, but we also take trips to the Basingstoke Canal and the Thames. In addition we compete in local “Hare and Hound” races and in  some of the Waterside and the Thameside series in our build up to the mainDW event at Easter. Cranleigh is now a force to be reckoned with in the Junior Doubles races, with the crew of Fortescue/Harrison holding the Schools’ National Sprint trophy (2014).  The school are currently the Schools’ National Marathon Champions (2014), the Devizes to Westminster Junior Team Champions (2015) and the Devizes to Westminster School Team Champions (2015).