Portrait Photo of Beth Lewis


Mrs B L LewisMA, MSc, GTP

Mrs Beth Lewis is Housemistress of Rhodes, and Head of Psychology. She also teaches Religion and Philosophy, and holds an MSc in Psychology.


Resident Deputy Housemistress

Mrs H K CarsonBSc, PGCE

Non Resident Assistant Housemistress

Mrs E L EllisBA, PGCE


Mrs S Clark

Rhodes Matron

Mrs C Higgins

Rhodes Matron


Ms M Baffou

French Assistante

Mr C H D Boddington

Assistant Head (Co-Curricular)

Mrs H K Carson

Deputy Housemistress

Mrs E G M Delliere

BS & Economics Teacher

Mrs E L Ellis

Non-resident Assistant Housemaster

Mrs C Gangemi

Assistant Head of Mathematics

Mrs B L Lewis

Rhodes Housemistress

Miss O R McConnell-Wood

Teacher of Classics

Mr R J Saxel

Director of Music

Miss H E O Shairp

Head of Spanish