Our extensive and wide-ranging academic enrichment programme is designed to encourage our pupils to question convention and challenge their perspective of the world.

Lecture Series

Our lecture series is a hugely popular academic enrichment activity.  We regularly welcome politicians, Olympians, entrepreneurs, authors, academics and business leaders to Cranleigh. A student often hosts the Q&A session and helps the speakers to navigate the thoughtful and challenging questions from the floor.

Scholars’ Programme

Scholars play a significant and active role in the academic life of the school. Under the guidance of our Head of Scholars, we host regular Scholars’ Meetings throughout the year to nurture intellectual spirit. This sense of community amongst the scholars allows them to debate ideas and opinions in a safe and supportive environment, which is crucial to their academic development. These meetings are often cited by pupils as their most engaging academic experiences.

Purvis Society and Journal

Academic scholars and exhibitioners are members of the Purvis Society. In the Lower School, there are weekly lunch meetings for each year-group. Sixth Formers meet in the evening, usually during prep. The core purpose of the Purvis Society is to celebrate and nurture scholarship; encouraging students to think critically and develop a love of intellectual exploration.

The Purvis Journal provides a home for Cranleighans’ unique academic interests. Scholars are encouraged to write research articles for inclusion with topics spanning philosophy, culture, the sciences and current affairs. Our students take great pride in this work, the standard of which is always excellent.


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