We are proud to be a school of individuals and the diverse range of Societies on offer to Cranleighans reflects the unique passions and interests of our community.

We encourage all pupils to take part in various societies and to have a positive attitude towards discovering a new passion. Societies can be led by students or teachers, and we encourage Sixth Form students to set-up new societies if their interests and passions are not catered for already.

Eco Group

Blaker Society

Named after the Old Cranleighan Hugh Blaker, our History of Art society provides a window into the development of Western art from the Renaissance through to the Modern. Pupils will come to appreciate how we got from Giotto to Picasso and the hope is that a new and exciting world will have been opened up to them, which they will be in a position to enjoy for many years to come.

Cranleigh Being

Cranleigh Being consists of the Pupil Wellbeing Group (PWG) and the Diversity Alliance (DA) both of which are pupil-led groups with a pupil chair and deputy in charge. The Pupil Wellbeing Group focuses on pupil-driven initiatives and current issues and currently has sub-groups including the Body-Image committee, The Anti-Sexual Violence/Consent committee, and the Anti-Bullying committee. The Diversity Alliance exists as a safe space for pupils to discuss issues affecting individuals with protected characteristics and is currently made up of the Anti-Sexism Group, Anti-Racism Group, Pride Group (the LGBTQ+/Straight Alliance) and the Neurodiversity Group, with an Interfaith Group being planned.

Cranleigh Being also contains the Eco Group and the Charities Committee. Cranleigh Being looks to promote pupil leadership and is responsible for organising and running the Sixth-Form Peer Mentor scheme which consists of six evening training sessions on Safeguarding; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI); Disagreement and Conflict Resolution; Neurodiversity and Learning Support; Mental Health Awareness; and Bereavement, pupils completing the training qualify as Peer Mentors and take up responsibilities supporting younger pupils either in the senior school or at Cranleigh Prep in numerous areas including learning support and in maintaining and strengthening peer-group friendships.

The Purvis Society

Knoller Society

Combined Cadet Force

Tom Avery Society

Where next?

Our Culture

Sixth Form Life