Dedication and passion are our choice words for Sixth Form study. A-Levels are difficult and our academic ethos encourages students to work hard and rise to the challenge. We know that exam success is important and our outstanding results highlight our commitment to academic excellence. However, we don’t just coach our pupils to pass examinations, we work hard to nurture an environment where critical thinking, creativity and independent thought are championed.

Most students choose three A-Levels and an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Our class sizes are small which ensures every student receives the support they need to achieve their goals.



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All students should be thinkers, reflecting on their learning and progress and given time to think independently.

— Mr David Boggitt, Deputy Head Academic

Students are encouraged to interrogate their academics and consider ethical standpoints on key issues.

— Dr John Taylor, Director of Learning, Teaching & Innovation

Staff share their time and knowledge freely, and there is always someone to turn to when the pressure is on. We are experts in A-Level teaching, and are proud of our ability to support students throughout their course of study.

Our visiting lecture programme introduces a number of global problems such as ‘ocean plastic’ or ‘human trafficking’, giving practical ways in which the pupils can contribute here and now to solving these problems.

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