We have a variety of shapes and sizes of rooms, decorated in the House colour of lilac, the Fourth Form area being two largish dorms on the top floor of the House. The Lower Fifth occupy rooms of three or four, whilst the Upper Fifth live in pairs or threesomes. The day girls are accommodated alongside the boarders and are very much an integral part of the House.

The individual rooms for the Sixth Form are to be found on each of the three floors of the House. The girls all move rooms each term to ensure that they are well integrated within their year and within the House. They all take great pride in making their space individual with plenty of their own ‘bits and pieces’ around, which gives a really homely feel to the House.

We have a large, bright and colourful common room on the middle floor which is really appreciated and well-used by all the girls, and the Sixth Form also have their own common room. There are kitchen facilities (moabs) and computers available to the girls over the three floors. We have laundry facilities for the Sixth Form, many of whom do their own laundry. Matron’s room at the heart of the House could accurately be described as a ‘bijou’ residence, but it is much loved by the girls, well-frequented and is often a place of much fun and laughter.


South was the first girls’ house which opened in 1999 and is home to 120 boarders and day girls. Housed on three floors in the Connaught Block, it is at the heart of the School.

South can claim to be the oldest of Cranleigh’s houses. When the first boys arrived in September 1865 they were housed in the 1 South dormitory (unimaginatively so-named because it was on the south side of the Quad) above what is now the Reading Room. As the School grew, the four South dormitories became two distinct houses – 2&3 South and 1&4 South – occupying the space above the Reading Room and library, which is now home to East.

In 1929 both houses moved into the relative luxury of the new Connaught Block (which was also home to the house rooms and changing rooms of the other four houses) and with further restructuring in the 1960s they took over the top three floors of the Block in their entirety.

When the house structure was changed in 1999-2000, 1&4 South, whose colours were orange, was merged with Cubitt. 2&3 South, whose colours were royal blue, was merged with with 1 North. South was re-launched as a stand-alone girls’ house. Jealousy immediately led to mutterings among boys of the plushness of the renovation, with The Independent in 2000 noting “rumours have abounded of the unbridled luxury of its accommodation”

South is linked with the boys’ houses Cubitt.