Former Director of Rugby, Mr Andrew Houston, has taken on the newly created role of Director of Sport at Cranleigh.

The move follows ten successful years in rugby at the school, during which teams lifted the Rosslyn Park Trophy and Plate and were crowned the Daily Mail Schools Trophy Champions.

Commenting on his new challenge, Mr Houston said: “I have been asked a number of times about my vision for Cranleigh sport. The truth is there is a vast amount that we do here which is great. I see my role though is to focus on a couple of key areas.

“The first target I have set myself is that every pupil who leaves Cranleigh will actively pursue a lifetime involvement in sport because of the great experiences they have had here. I often will say that an English teachers aim is to give their students a joy of reading, and then if they have children, to pass that enjoyment down to them. That is the same for me with sport. In order to achieve that, it will mean increasing options to provide every pupil an opportunity to try an new sport.

“The second aim will be to help all pupils to achieve their potential. I truly believe in the concept of hard work paying off, and, I would like to develop a pathway through the school that those pupils who have set their goals to the very highest level are able to achieve them through the set-up and support we provide here. We will be running clinics about sport psychology, nutrition as well as extra early morning fitness sessions.

Deep down I really do want all staff, pupils and parents to love the sport here at Cranleigh”.