This weekend saw the return of competition at the School with the first two rounds of the boy’s house touch rugby tournament. With over 32 matches played, 30 referees on six pitches, this Saturday afternoon was a busy one for the rugby club. It was a wonderful sight to see so many pupils back out there representing their boarding houses. The 3rd round and then finals will be on the 17th October with all to play for in the final few games.

Mr Jones and the Cranleigh Swimming team also put on a wonderful socially distanced Aquathon involving a swim and a run.

Jamie T. (Fourth Form) won the overall race completing the course in a wonderful 12 mins and 54 seconds. Sophie M. (Lower Fifth) won the Girls in 13 mins and 58 secs.

By year group the winners were:

Fourth Form Boys: Jamie T.

Lower Fifth Boys: Chris K.

Lower Fifth Girls: Sophie M.

Upper Fifth Boys: Oliver W.

Upper Fifth Girls: Lucy A.

Lower Sixth Boys: Freddy M.

Upper Sixth Boys: Jeremy D.

Upper Sixth Girls: Bella F.

A huge well done to everyone who took part.