Unfortunately due to heavy rain over the previous week it was not possible to go as planned to the sandstone crags of the High Weald. Due to the friable nature of the rock, climbing on it when damp seriously damages the routes. Nonetheless, a small but enthusiastic crew were still keen to climb, so we headed off to Craggy Island in Guildford for an extended indoor session. 

Time was spent between traversing, the bouldering wall, top roping and the auto-belay machines. The later being a novel experience for most of the gang and decidedly disconcerting the first time. Auto-belays work much like the inertia real in a car seat belt, but instead of stopping completely you are, gracefully, lowered back to the ground. 

Several hours climbing, despite lunch and coffee breaks left everyone “pumped”, tired but happy and ready to face another week of school.