The 2020 Southern Schools Climbing Competition was held in High Sports Brighton on the 13th February. The competition was broken down into four categories, U16 lead, over 16 lead, U16 toprope and over 16 toprope. As well as roped climbing there was also bouldering for each category. The competition was structured so we had two hours to do four roped climbs and 20 boulders. Each rope climb was worth 100 points for a top and 50 points for reaching the zone hold, and the boulders were worth 10 points for the first attempt, seven points for the second attempt, three points for the third attempt and one point for four or more attempts, there was no zone hold. Because the competition was only two hours we had to do a lot of climbing in a very short amount of time with little rest breaks, usually you would get at least two hours for both the boulders and the ropes.

We took three teams with us to Brighton, an U16 lead team: Ruari B-S, Harry T and myself, an U16 toprope team: Jacob B, James M and Daisy L and an over 16 toprope team: Louis C, James T and Charlie E. Everyone did incredibly well considering that for some this was their first time competing, and as a squad we got three podiums, James M, Louis C and myself all coming second in our respective categories. It was a tough competition both time wise and because of the ability of lots of the other climbers. Everyone gave it their all and we all had a great time competing. I would also like to give a big thank you to Mr Money for taking us to the competition and supporting us throughout. I am really happy to represent the School in climbing, a sport that is just emerging onto the School scene and I am looking forward to representing Cranleigh in more competitions in the future.