What a delight to have the Outdoor Ed Centre full smiles, laughter and cheering as it is meant to be. As opposed to being used as the testing centre as it has been since our last girls’ Bouldering competition in 2019.

The wall was re-set during the summer holidays with the Inter House Competition in mind.

Twenty problems were put up especially for the competition and then put out of bounds to all climbers until the night. Teams of three from each House had one hour to complete as many as possible. Ten points for a flash (first try), seven for second attempt and five points if the competitors completed the climb on their third try. Two points were awarded if the climber does not complete but reaches a bonus hold.

As the competition started, climbers handed in their score cards to a judge and tried a climb with different tactics. Some chose to do the easier routes first to collect points, others had attempts at the harder problems while they were still fresh. But all tried their hardest and pushed their grades, helped by the fantastic supporters who created a buzzing atmosphere. Teams discussed different techniques to solve the problems and it was great to see the teamwork and different years working together again.

The results were:

1st South 240 points

2nd Martlet 200 points

3rd Rhodes 187

4th West 152

The wall will be re-set at Christmas and the boys Houses will compete in January. The affiliated House scores will then be added together to work out the overall winners.

Congratulations to all the climbers and thanks to the supporters.