We travelled to Brighton with a junior and senior team to compete against 23 teams from across the South East.

The format included 20 boulder problems and three top rope climbs which had to be completed in two hours. Points are rewarded for the number of attempts to complete a boulder problem and if a top rope was completed or the height the climber reached.

We had a strong team for bouldering but inexperienced in roped climbs. Preparations had to include how to tie the knot securely. The climbers climbed well and it was great to see how they worked together discussing tactics and offering “beta”. Delighted to say Cranleigh “A” team came 2nd overall with individual successes for Adam L. coming 4th overall individually in the Over 16’s, with Oscar G. coming 6th and Ozzy L. coming 8th out of 55 climbers.

Notable successes were with the new climbers. Andi A. – 12th, Max M. – 20th and Ivan S. – 48th. The future looks great for these budding climbers and they’re certain to pick up some silverware with more experience on roped climbs.