Cranleigh riders headed to a multi-discipline NSEA National Qualifier at the weekend and could not have produced better results.

We entered two dressage teams and finished in first and second, gaining two team qualifications for the National Championships in October. The winning team of Darcey Blaze M., Tom S., Issy H. and Tara M. scored a huge 73.79%, with the team in second of Darcey Blaze and Issy on their second horses, alongside Lucy LM. and Madeleine R. just behind them on an equally impressive 73.44%. In the Prelim section a first for Darcey Blaze, third for Issy and fourth for Lucy meant they gained individual qualifications, with Darcey Blaze and Lucy also gaining the same in the Novice section with a first and a fourth respectively.

Our most junior riders competed in the Jumping with Style (Arena Eventing) for the first time, with Tabitha L., Gracie G., Rosie S. and Yasmeen al Z. taking second place in the 75cm to secure a national qualification. Gracie finished in fourth place individually. The seniors of Tara M., Lucy LM., Issy H. and Madeleine R. won the Intermediate competition by over 15 marks with Madeleine taking an individual qualification in fourth place. The Opens won their competition with Tom S. winning individually and Issy H. finishing in second and fourth.

The juniors also competed in the show jumping, taking fifth in the 75cm and an impressive 2nd in the 85cm in one of the biggest classes of the day and with only a team of three riders; Sophia T., Gracie G. and Darcey Blaze M.

It was a fantastic start to the new school year.