Portrait Photo of Ruth Carnes

Staff Nurse

Mrs Ruth Carnes is part of the team providing medical and pastoral care to the pupils of Cranleigh School and Cranleigh Prep School. Her career path is in Primary Care, including health screening, practice nursing, school nursing and immunisations.

Each day in the medical centre has a framework based on the GP or Sports Clinics which brings a huge variety of medical conditions. The team then manages pupils attending with any illnesses, injuries or issues they bring to them. They have an open door policy and every pupil is welcomed. Mrs Carnes role involves working closely with the House Matrons, and also liaising directly with parents to give the best possible care.

Mrs Carnes enjoys the extremely varied nature of her role, plus the fact that she is always extending her knowledge. She leaves her shift with a feeling of well-being, knowing that she has made a difference to a pupil’s school day or a parent concerned about their child. Mrs Carnes hopes all the pupils leaving Cranleigh will look back on the “Med Centre” as being a haven for kindness, expert medical care and support.

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