Miss Z.V.C. Reeve

MFL Graduate

Ms Zoe Reeve is a Graduate Assistant for French and Spanish and also a tutor in Rhodes House. She joined Cranleigh in 2017 after working as a languages assistant at CTC Academy in Birmingham.

She graduated in 2015 with a degree in French and Hispanic Studies from Queen Mary, University of London. A part of her degree was spending a year abroad to practice the language, so she spent it on a small island in Panama where she volunteered in a primary school. She is also qualified as an English as a Foreign Language teacher.

Ms Reeve’s main passion is travelling and learning about other cultures and languages. After graduating, she spent a year travelling solo around Latin America and the Caribbean where she taught English in the Dominican Republic, worked on a farm in Trinidad, learnt some Haitian Creole in Haiti and worked at a backpacker hostel in Jamaica.

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