Mr J. Bartlett

Head of Economics & Business Studies

Mrs S.E. Baumann

Head of Examinations

Mrs O. Burt


Mr N. Drake

Joint Head of PSHE

Mrs E.L. Ellin

Head of Mathematics

Mr T.R. Fearn

Head of Academic Administration

Mr D.J. Futcher

Assistant Head (Director of IT)

Ms R.S. Gibson

Head of Religion and Philosophy

Mrs C.S. Gray

Head of Learning Support

Dr D.A.W. Hogg

Head of Classics

Mr B.P. Hopcroft

Head of Religion and Philosophy

Dr S.L. Kemp

Head of Chemistry

Mr R.G. Lane

Loveday Housemaster

Mr F.P.A. Laughton

Head of Biology

Mr J.P. Nairne

Director of Art

Mr G.J.N. Neill

Head of English

Mr M.C. Pashley

Director of Cranleigh Music

Mrs N.I. Plowman

Director of Drama

Mr S.G. Quinn

Head of Mathematics

Mrs A.E. Reader

Head of Careers

Mr A.D. Robinson

Head of French

Mr A.S.J. Rothwell

Head of History

Mr J. Scott

Director of Drama

Mrs A.M. Simpson

Head of Spanish

Mr C.P. Stearn

Head of Geography

Dr J.L. Taylor

Assistant Head (Learning, Teaching and Innovation)

Mr J.J. Taylor

Head of Design Engineering

Mr K.D. Weaver

Head of Academic Music

Miss S.L. Webb

Head of Politics

Mrs U.C. Yardley

Head of German

Dr S.A.H. Young

Head of Outdoor Education