Photo from Cranleigh School's Performance of Les MiserablesParents, guests and friends can now book tickets online for Cranleigh School Music, Drama & Tom Avery Society events.  For events for which there is a charge for tickets, payment can be made online via credit and debit cards. For events for which there is no charge, tickets can still be booked online using this system.

Plays in the Speech Hall and Vivian Cox Theatre use allocated seating. Use the seating plan to choose where you would like to sit. The majority of Music events have unreserved seating.

Pupils at the school will receive their tickets through the House system.  If you wish to accompany your son or daughter to a play with allocated seating in the Speech Hall, you will be able to book an “Accompanied Pupil” ticket for them to sit with you.  This option is not available in the Vivian Cox Theatre due to its size.  You will receive an email with a PDF of your ticket. You may then print this off at home, or bring your mobile device with you showing your ticket details.

Tickets can no longer be booked over the phone or email.  General Enquiries & Cancellations: or call (01483) 542010

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