The North team, led by seniors Peter Thompson and George Colgan, won the House Challenge quiz final on Friday November 4th by 380-340. If Cubitt had been able to answer the final starter on Roman numerals, they could have won if they had got all three follow-ups and thus a bonus ten points. However, the intentional difficulty of the all-new questions I set for the final meant that only four bonuses were won in the contest. Cubitt (led by James Thompson and Peter Westcott) were never level but came back from 130 behind and North were never safe. Indeed, Cubitt correctly answered 13 correct starters to North’s 12, including a fine showing from juniors Matt Foster and Josh Horwood on the Junior starters.

My thanks go to Tim McConnell-Wood our new quizmaster, for taking over this stressful role and for his great support of the competition over the years.