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Row upon row of seats were filled, with the expectation of what was to follow: the Dance Show 2011. With the music blasting Christmas tunes at full volume from the speakers around the hall, everyone was put in the festive mood. Once everyone was ready, the lights were dimmed and the show began…

The opening performance ‘Welcome To The Hood’ was cohesive and exuberant, with choreography from Alex Lim, Lise Taunton-Fenton and Sophie Butterfield. This included the whole dance crew, and gave the evening a superb start. This was followed by two dances choreographed by Sian Parry; these added a sense of structure to the evening and showcased the more technical side of dancing.  Sophie Marr then changed the mood with her Italian-styled dance, with great use of props, chairs and tambourines.

Charlie Moulton was the next choreographer to showcase his skills, he led the way in ‘Party Dance’ and was given more than ample support from the remaining crew. ‘Please Don’t Stop The Music’ was next and the last act before the interval, it again showcased the brilliant talent of dancing that was on display. With the audience thinking that it was the interval, the UVIth members of the 1st XV took to the stage in denim hotpants. They produced a high tempo and, at times, ridiculous routine, with the moves that they were willing to perform, in front of the whole School. 

Act Two commenced with Alex Lim and Sophie Butterfield combining again to produce a stunning performance of ‘You Got The Love’, particular mention goes to Beth Andrew who performed an aerial cartwheel across the whole stage. Ben Roberts then took the boys and performed a street style routine, ‘Anxiety’, which left the audience in awe. This left the penultimate and final routines. ‘Heartbeats’, choreographed by Sophie Marr and Sophie Butterfield, was performed with consummate ease and set the stage for the final showdown. Alex Lim demonstrated his choreographical skills, by using the entire crew and changing songs, managing to bring the entire evening to a near-miraculous ending.  The whole dance crew managed to pull together for one of the best dance shows to be produced, and all the signs look as if it is going to be as good or even better next year.
Thanks, as always, go to the very strong technical support supervised by Mr Jenkins but run by the pupils: they really helped to create a great atmosphere in the Speech Hall. Thanks are also due to Sian Parry, James Copp and Olivia Ravilious, for their help throughout the show and the ground-work that goes on behind the scenes.

Michael Dolman (UVI East)