The third week of the Lent term has seen Cranleigh’s climbers compete in two competitions, finding success in both.

On Sunday 22nd two juniors and two seniors competed in the fourth round of the Southern Indoor Bouldering League at the Reading Climbing Centre. Both competitions were as challenging as would be expected for a competition that attracts both sponsored climbers and members of the British bouldering team. Whilst the senior boulderers (Charlie Humberstone and Chris Tolley) are not currently riding high in the overall rankings, due to missed rounds earlier in the year, the juniors are maintaining the impressive start that was reported earlier with Nat McAleese-Park currently 4th and Chris Kinally 14th out of a field of 63 competitors.

Thursday 26th saw the first round in Craggy Island’s “friendly” winter bouldering league held in Sutton. Again Nat McAleese-Park and Chris Kinally competed, both in the “medium difficulty” category with Nat winning the event. Robbie Matthews, a new member of the bouldering team entered the “easy difficulty” category as an introduction to competition bouldering only, for him to win with 140 points out of a possible 150 (next time he will be in the next category up).