Thanks to all the LVIth Gold helpers and the staff who gave up their time over the last three days to help the Silver DofE participants complete a successful practice expedition. 45 students set off on Sunday 18th March, bright-eyed and ready for the challenge ahead. Day one was a fairly light day and a useful one to warm up those navigation skills ready for day two. All groups were in to camp before dark, but I think a few lessons were learned about how not to cook your dinner!

The first night was a very chilly one, with a gorgeous frost to greet us when we emerged from our tents in the morning. Day two was a long day with a slog up to the lunch stop at St Martha’s Hill, but the weather was glorious and the views stunning. Again, all groups got into the second campsite well before dark, and were rewarded with a wonderful camp fire to gather round and enjoy an evening of star-gazing. Day three was a day to practise bearings in the woods and overall most groups improved on their navigation hugely as the expedition went on. Congratulations to all who took part, and good luck for the assessed expedition in July!