The child sponsorship programme for the education of children at Kawama School in Zambia, a partner school of Cranleigh, has made an encouraging start with 72 children sponsored so far. However, our target is to have all the 220 children at the School sponsored, and time is running out as they have already started their academic year. The funding to pay for them is currently being taken from rapidly depleting reserves raised last year that were put aside for building developments at the School. Therefore it is vital that we raise these sponsorships as soon as possible; both for them and for the development prospects for the School as a whole.

Can you help?
These are vulnerable, poor and sometimes orphaned children. Your help sponsoring their education can make a huge difference to their lives and the future of the School. Every penny of sponsorship (plus giftaid) goes directly to the School in Kawama to pay for that child’s education.

The cost of £12.50 per month goes towards:
–    A meal each school day
–    A new school uniform
–    Paying the School teachers salaries (they are currently volunteers)
–    Purchasing ongoing School resources
–    Basic medical care

Remember: 100% of your donation goes to these children’s education at Kawama.
Once you sign up, details of the child you have sponsored will be sent to you.

Please visit the Beyond Ourselves website to download a sponsorship form.

Make sure at the top of the form you tick the box ‘Other’ and then write ‘Beyond Cranleigh’.