Thanks to the technical genius of Major Hugh Drummond (CPS grandparent) and financial support from the Army, Cranleigh now has a permanent orienteering course covering both sides of Horseshoe Lane. This was officially opened over Long Leave when the School hosted the Army Orienteering Relay Championships, but has already seen great use by  the CCF and with the 4th Form Outdoor Education Programme.  Major Drummond has designed the course in such a way that it can either be used in its entirety or smaller, more contained areas can be selected to focus competitors in particular parts of the campus. Each of these sets of points has its own specialised orienteering map, showing every bench, significant tree and shed on the campus – a really remarkable piece of work.

Orienteering can be used to introduce students to the basics of navigation, allowing them to grasp the principals whilst on familiar ground. Alternatively it can be used as a highly competitive sport, with runners careering around the course, trying to avoid being followed whilst sprinting from control to control.

Thanks also need to go to the ground staff for their efforts in putting out all the fixed controls and  Col (Retd) S J Oxlade MBE of the South East Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association who made a very generous grant toward the EMIT electronic timing system we now have available