This July’s Zambia Trip will see a group of twenty Cranleighans journey to our Partner School Kawama Primary School located in Kitwe in the Copper belt region of Zambia for 10 days. This is the third visit (and there will be another this October) in the ‘Beyond Cranleigh’ programme sending Sixth Formers to learn from and engage with the Kawama community to gain insights about Zambian culture.

On this visit Cranleigh pupils will have various charitable roles, including: acting as teaching assistants, repair and maintenance work, and they will also be painting a mural with the children there on some of the external walls of the Classrooms built with the help of Cranleigh pupils last year.

In planning for this mural, and in attempting to bring the two schools to somehow work together with a sense of partnership (despite the distance both physical and cultural that separates them), pupils at both schools have participated in the design process for the mural. This has involved art workshops with pupils at both schools in which pupils were asked to consider which games that they enjoy at break times and how they play together. They then drew around each other while lying on large sheets of paper in specific poses as if in the middle of those games or activities. These drawings were then coloured or painted to achieve some of the striking designs to be found here.

When Cranleigh pupils go to Kawama next month they will work together with pupils at Kawama to transfer these images onto Kawama School walls as large paintings, together with the statement: ‘Kawama and Cranleigh: learning and growing together through Partnership’.

Cranleigh’s campaign to try to get the education of all pupils at Kawama sponsored has done really well, and currently stands at around 105 sponsorships achieved from a target of 220. If you would like to be one of those sponsoring the remaining 115 pupils please contact Tom Barnett or Shannon Thomson at Cranleigh School or pick up a sponsorship form from Beyond Ourselves: