On Thursday 5th July, 16 girls along with PVP, SMP and six DW helpers set out to canoe the 18 miles from Guildford to Pyrford and back, as part of a number of events to raise £25,000 – “Target 2012”- to buy a new ventilator for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at St. George’s Hospital, Tooting, where our dear and beautiful friend Tilda Curran sadly died in September 2010 after her long and brave fight with leukaemia. This vital life support equipment saves so many young lives and we’re certain that Tildy would want us to help the doctors and nurses who did so much for her.

The tough five and a half hours of canoeing was the perfect way to honour Tildy’s brave spirit and determination, and we are all very grateful to PVP for organising such a fun day.
The sound of singing could be heard and onlookers were amazed at the blur of pink as we all paddled by. There was great team spirit and we all encouraged each other, rafting up and floating downstream… until the Rev caught up and told us to paddle! There was also the occasional splash as a pair toppled out of their canoe into the river Wey, much to the amusement of everybody else. The record for the day was three – much less than any training session we had had in the weeks before it should be added!

Lunch at the pub was a welcome break from our K2s, but it wasn’t long, and we were back on the river, paddling against the current on our return journey.  However the sun shone (which has made for some interesting tan lines due to the gloves and kit) and despite the blisters, aches and occasional dips in the river, we returned to the club at 6pm in happy spirits, to supporters, bunting and of course, cupcakes, in true Tildy style.

Tildy’s Canoe Team:
Phoebe Bagge + Georgia Beaumont
Lara Hobson + Jess Worpole
Maddie Minerva + Hatts Mckenna
Harriet Blurton + Grace Lent
Jessica Haller + Camilla Mills
Tish Montgomerie + Issy Rennocks
Olivia Al Marzook + Camilla Hampson
Alex Adams + Hannah Wallis

If you can help us hit Target 2012, just visit www.justgiving.com/tildy-target2012. T-shirts and wristbands are also available through any of the UVth Cranleigh girls. Thank you for your support.

Hannah Wallis
UVth, West