After four training sessions in the pool and four on the river most of us were feeling ready, although some pairs hadn’t actually paddled together until the expedition itself. We arrived at the club at about 10 o’clock to prepare the boats and ourselves for the paddle. After a lot of faffing around and a group photo we set off heading down stream away from Guildford. We were only about ten meters down from the club when we had our first causality to the freezing water; this was funny for all those except those who had to go swimming. Once we had got going again we paddled for nine miles, through five locks, before reaching the pub where we stopped for lunch.

Everyone was already exhausted and matters were made worse as it started raining. After a delicious lunch we reluctantly set off again knowing we were now against the flow. Within ten minutes, the sun came out again and although we were sore the mood brightened also. We arrived back at the club greeted by parents and the prospect of a hot shower. Although it had been tough I think everyone had an enjoyable time.

The group: James Godfrey, Harvey Jackson, Seb Haddock, Angus McConnell-Wood, Max McGibbon, James McGuire, Oli Parker, Georgie Pask and Charlie Ricks. Assisted by: Ben Durston, Sam Leach (OC), Oli Millward, Hugo Moxey, Will Osborne, Freddie Wilson (OC), SMP and PVP.

Oli Parker
UVth, Cubitt