Thursday’s publication of GCSE (and IGCSE) results brought much satisfaction and joy for pupils and staff.  Well over one quarter of the GCSEs taken at the School were passed with an A* grade, and the large number of A grades registered meant that well over half of the GCSEs at Cranleigh in 2012 were passed with one of these top two grades.

Eighteen pupils were awarded at least seven A* grades including Chris Kinally, Rory Weyman, Ollie Clark, Georgia Beaumont, Georgie Beamish, Annabel Thompson, Kevin Park, Hattie Allison, Cameron Henderson and George Collecott; and eight pupils managed more than nine A* grades: Nat McAleese-Park, Nathan Thorpe, Louisa Richards, Fin Johnston, Harvey Jackson, Seb Haddock and Justin Browning, with Hannah Wallis achieving A* grades in all her 12 GCSE exams.

Head, Guy Waller, expressed his satisfaction and added: “We were hoping for some good results this year from what has always been a pleasant and positive year group, but what they have achieved really has surpassed our expectations. The results do great credit to the pupils, to their hard work, and to the support offered them by the talented and committed teaching staff we have here at Cranleigh.  I feel sure that this year group will continue to achieve great things inside the classroom and out when they come back to study A levels at Cranleigh – as the vast majority of them will – in a few days’ time.”