Cranleigh prepares to ‘Live Below the Line’ for a day to raise awareness of poverty around the world, but particularly related to the Kawama community in Kitwe, Zambia. On Monday December 3rd, pupils will be experiencing for one day what it’s like to live on the type of food that the Zambian children would live on. The teams from the previous two trips to Zambia are organising this campaign, and they are excited about the opportunity to share their own experiences with the rest of the School community as they help to cook and serve the meals.

The aim of this campaign is two-fold. Firstly, to allow everyone in our community to experience in some small way what the life of someone else is like who has less than ourselves, and secondly, to hopefully inspire a desire to sponsor a child at Kawama School and in this way make a contribution to their health and well-being. We are still aiming to get every child at Kawama School sponsored but have not yet reached our target; we hope this campaign will encourage us all to embrace the challenge and be moved to live generously