The final of this year’s Junior inter-House Challenge saw a very close first half, with Loveday only ten behind (270-260) until Cubitt pulled away, getting eight of the next nine correctly answered starSch.ChallengeWinners.CUBITT.NEWSters, to lead by 190.  Loveday got all the last four starters (thus, in theory, might have scored 200 to win) and did, indeed, convert the first of the four into a bonus, but the final score was 560-440.

I have always said that a combined total of a thousand points shows that there were two excellent teams and this was no exception.  The Cubitt team for the final was Toby Chesser, Cameron Scheijde, Ben Clarke and near-veteran Matt Foster.  My thanks to Tim McConnell-Wood, our question-master, and to all those who came to support their Houses, and perhaps improve their quiz knowledge along the way.