Tuesday February 5th is the EU’s Safer Internet Day. Run by Insafe, it is designed to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world.  As the availability and variety of connections to the online world Cranleigh pupils have continues to proliferate, this is a good opportunity to remind them of the appropriate way in which to use the available technology.safer internet day

The theme for the day (held  in the second week of February each year) is ‘Online rights and responsibilities’, when we will encourage users to ‘Connect with respect’.  On Monday in their PSHEE sessions with tutors, pupils were asked to come up with their own ideas about the best way to ensure everyone’s human rights are protected in the online world in the same way as they would be in the offline world.  Issues such as maintaining privacy, personal safety, and dealing with cyber-bullying were raised, and will continue to be discussed in future sessions.

Further information on the Insafe campaigns can be found here.

Another excellent source of advice for parents on appropriate use if the Internet is thinkuknow, a site run by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.