For 24 hours over the weekend of March 2nd and 3rd, the intrepid forces of Cranleigh School CCF set forth once more on their annual quest to fight the forces of evil (and put into practice some of the baCCF.March Hare.NEWSsic infantry tactics they have been taught over the last couple of terms).  The aim was to show the juniors how things work in a more realistic environment, with blank fire, night patrols and an enemy to deal with.  At the same time the seniors were given an opportunity to put their leadership skills into practice, and indeed did an excellent job of looking after the juniors.

We won, the enemy was vanquished and, more to the point, the weather was kind.  Despite being cool overnight, everything remained dry, thus making the admin at the end of the exercise that much easier.

Many thanks to all those who took part in such good spirit and in particular to GGB, TIMW, RGL, SLW and MFH for helping things run so smoothly.

Maj SAH Young

Contingent Commander Cranleigh School CCF