On Tuesday March 12th the Greek students from all the years went to ‘Lysistrata’, performed at Riverside Studios, London. ‘Lysistrata’ is originally an ancient Greek play by Aristophanes.Lysistrata, classics, greek.news

This political comedy from the fifth century BC is based around a woman, Lysistrata, who gathers all the women of Greece together to see if they can find a way to end the Peloponnesian War. Their way is to abstain from sex. Unsurprisingly, the men quickly give in and make peace.

The play we went to see was a modern, musical adaption of the original plot set amidst the current euro crisis. The play was hilarious and the acting was very good. Overall, we had a very entertaining evening.

Olivia Chesser, Laura Clark & Poppy Glaister (LV, South)