Despite the somewhat disrupted start of Thursday April 25th‘s CC lecture by Dr Katherine Clarke of St Hilda’s College Oxford, due to an unexplained fire drill, the talk was a great success among CranleighansClassics.Dr Katherine Clarke.NEWS studying Classical Civilisation.

Dr Clarke gave a thoroughly interesting and wide-ranging lecture on Augustus’ use of triumphalism, particularly in media, and his gestures towards peace and clemency undercut by expressions of power. She fascinatingly connected these with comments about Virgil’s epic ‘The Aeneid’, suggesting that the poet echoes Augustus’ preferred themes of militarism and triumphalism, whilst questioning whether the success of Aeneas or Augustus (and subsequently Rome) was acceptable.

Dr Clarke was very forward in her own opinion, whilst allowing her audience to consider others, creating an inspiring atmosphere, and a lecture that undoubtedly everyone enjoyed immensely.

Hebe Westcott (UVI, West)