During the Easter holidays Andy Houston, Director of Rugby, organised a coaching session for 40 children in Kibera, Nairobi – the largest urban slum in Africa. Accompanying Mr Houston were a Sports Journalist, a Doctor and former Welsh Sevens international Rhodri Gomer Davies.

The session was designed to offer the children aged 3-13 (boys and girls) an exposure Andy.Rugby.Kenya.NEWSto rugby. A number of local volunteers came to watch to develop themselves as coaches, with the training took place by the side of a railway track in the heart of the biggest slum in Africa.

Reflecting on the experience, Mr Houston commented: “this was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my coaching life. The kids were so enthusiastic and happy even though they have so little in terms of money, clothes and food. It opens your eyes to how fortunate we are and how powerful sport can be. Although we focus on winning a lot of the time, it reinforced to me how participation and enjoyment should be the most vital aspect that we never forget.”