We all gathered at 4.30 for a quick brief in Gatleys, to learn what we were doing for the evening before splitting into two groups; one going off to develop ideas for our social enterprise project, and the other putting together their drama performance. We all knew the evening would be really important, as it gave us a chance to gel, get to know each other and improve our somewhat limited brick-laying skill-set. When we are in Zambia we will be helping to construct a new toilet block needed at the school. Two groundsmen (Dave and Scott) kindly gave up their time to beyond cranleigh zambia team buildingteach us, for which we’d like to thank them again. We were instructed in the art of cement mixing, brick-cutting and laying. Each group managed to lay two courses of bricks and although we struggled a little with the detail the majority of us can now probably be trusted, provided the school children like their walls a little crooked. Lucky that there will be some experts there too to assist us.

Something different for our trip is that for two afternoons in the week, part of the group will be performing one of Aesop’s Fables and then leading the children from the school in a Drama workshop. This group spent time this evening rehearsing their performances and planning the activities.

Another important part of our trip is the social enterprise project, where we aim to bring a product back from Zambia, made by the locals, to sell in the UK. The proceeds being filtered back to the school in Kitwe, Zambia. We came up with some great ideas, ranging from cards which Zambians are already making, to a CD recording their well-renowned church singing – both of which we hope will be available at School events in the future.

The evening was then rounded off with a barbecue and a brief talk, outlining admin and our itinerary, leaving us all hugely excited for the trip ahead in just a few weeks. This is also a chance to say, please come and visit us at our Pimm’s stall on speech day to support the Beyond Cranleigh project.

Max LaFosse (LVI, East)