GCSE Results 2013This summer’s GCSE results brought excitement and pleasure for pupils and staff at Cranleigh. The 16-year-old pupils at the School achieved very strong results across a wide range of subjects: 32% of the exams taken were passed at the top A* grade, and 62% with an A* or A grade.

27 of the year group managed to register A* or A grades in all their exams, and four pupils achieved the distinction of A* grades in all the subjects they took this summer: Charlie Gilbert, Tom Standen-Jewell, Jonathan Stocks and Olivia Hartley.

Cranleigh Head, Guy Waller, expressed his pleasure at these results stating, “We are delighted to see our Year 11 pupils do so positively at GCSE. We offer a very broad curriculum here – most taking 11 subjects – in preparation for A level and for university. This year group has laid some very strong foundations for the future. With the vast majority of them returning to Cranleigh the week after next, we can look forward to their academic future here with great confidence.”