East Part Song A win for East/South in both the Part Song and the 4th Form Dance meant they sealed victory in this term’s eagerly anticipated House Performance Competition.  It was a sophisticated arrangement of Bastille’s, ‘Pompeii’, by Phoebe Bagge, Alex Tracey, Tom Going and Rufus Wilkinson that caught the imagination of the adjudicators, with all four featuring as soloists in this slick performance.  The group made good use of appropriate vocal ranges and introduced some urbane use of clapping to enhance the overall performance.  They beat Cubitt/South, who gave a subtle and well-disciplined performance of an arrangement of Bob Marley’s ‘Jammin’,  into second place.

The East/South 4th Form dancers were complimented for the sense of enjoyment they conveyed throughout their well drilled performance which was choreographed by Tish Montgomerie, Cecile Zoet, Freddie Banks, Chris Kinally and Sophie Lewis.  The music had been especially well mixed with really smooth changes between the various pieces, and some super characterised solos.  Second place went to the cheery performance by North/West, with some really ambitious choreography and excellent featured soloists just being slightly let down by the music mix.

In her final adjudication, Catherine Beddison complimented everyone for the fantastic support they gave each other and complimented both singers and dancers on their ability to look comfortable on stage.