Muli shani Cranleigh!

After a restless flight, we were more than ready to embark on our adventure across Zambia from Lusaka to Kitwe. After adjusting to the Zambian time frame (the laid back approach to life in general), notably in the queue for passport control as well as having our bags searched, we boarded the minibus. Only then did we realise that we had lost two of our bags, due to the uselessness of the British at Heathrow! Eventually we set off thoroughly sweaty and looking ahead to our eight hour journey to Kitwe. We were soon to be shocked by the vast difference in culture between the UK and Zambia, for example the poorly built shelters lining the roads for miles on end. Also the sheer amount of watermelon stalls surprised us all. This first hand experience really opened our eyes to the Zambian way of life.

20131019_172135After three and a half hours we stopped at the Fig Tree Café where we experienced the best chips that the earth could throw at us (sufficient gains for the team). After a scrumptious lunch we began the ”5 hour” home straight. After some great tunes courtesy of DJ ”willy c” (Will Calnan) and some ”friendly chanting” lead by Alfie Dudman Jones we genuinely enjoyed the second part of the journey. In no time we arrived at the Town House Lodge where we are to stay for the next ten days.

Written by Alfie Dudman Jones (shwalf) Will Calnan (WillyC), Matt Foster (Fozzy)