After a sleepless night, owing to the torrential rain, we made our way to the school blurry eyed. However, the vibrant colours of the Independence Day outfits and posters soon woke us up. The children brightened up the cloudy day with many songs and dances. We then attempted to teach them some Cranleigh classics and The Inbetweeners dance led by Alfie and Willy C. A long school service then ensued, which consisted of several renditions of the national anthem and a sketch about how Zambia have fought for their freedom in the past. A big fuss was made of the bishop, who was treated to the ‘interesting’ dancing, which Western spheres might consider erotic but was actually very innocent and impressive. Then some flocked to see the president and his entourage pass by along the main road into Kitwe for the Independence Day celebrations. Lunch was “brief but nice” (a Joe Gill quote) as we were soon shipped off to see the vast Kitwe market. Football shirts along with an array of items were bought, all of which had to be haggled for tirelessly.

Tom S-J
Sam Scutt