SquashOn Tuesday 15th October, the Cranleigh school squash team (supplemented by a couple of teachers) took on the might of the OCs.  Resplendent in their blazers the OCs cut quite a dash, and their younger opposition felt a touch intimidated.  Rightly so, as it turned out, with Cranleigh being firmly put in their place in a 4-2 defeat.

All pairs were well matched though and the rubbers were played with good humour and sportsmanship, with a fantastic climax, in front of a crowded gallery, when Stuart Block was playing Alistair Chesser and at 8/8 in the 5th sadly Alistair’s lower body gave up on him and he retired to hand a much needed victory to Cranleigh.

The results were as follows:

  1. Jamie Bartlett v Richard Winter 6/9 4/9 1/9  (OC)
  2. Tom Howard v Reg Langmead 7/9 2/9 4/9   (OC)
  3. Stuart Block v Alistair Chesser 9/3 8/10 4/9 9/6 8/8 Alistair retired from old age!  (C)
  4. Angus Barrett v Chris Watling 2/9 0/9 2/9  (OC)
  5. Charlie Thompson v Mike Stonebridge 8/10 4/9 5/9 (OC)
  6. Milo Maxton v Mark Robson 9/4 9/2 9/6  (C)

(Stats – Average age OC 49  – C 22 .  Mike Stonebridge taking the trophy for Oldest player at 68.)

JAB would like to extend a very big thank you to the OCs for travelling down for what was a thoroughly enjoyable match, and to say that the School look forward to getting their  revenge next time round!