On Friday 17th January, the Lower 6th and Upper 6th Business Studies students were treated to an interesting talk about emerging trends as a result of doing business in China.  Rob Merry (North 2001), from Deloitte, joined Emily Turner (Unilever) to give very different insights based on their own experiences.

Emily Turner BSEmily began the talk by giving students an insight into launching and marketing a new brand in China, focusing on the cultural differences and inherent implications.  Her wealth of experience in the FMCG industry gave the students an understanding of the ‘examples of considerations’ identified when entering a new country.



Tom MerryRob, working in consulting (supply chain), explained not only the opportunities, but also the threats, of doing business in China, focusing on some emerging trends as well as giving his insight and predictions for the future of this country and other emerging markets.



Rewarded with free hair products, the students benefited from the discussions with these young professionals and we hope will have found the content interesting and thought provoking.