With 2014 well underway and mock exams safely negotiated, the Climbing Club had a sociable outing to Craggy Island at Sutton.  This is a dedicated bouldering venue, so no SAHY Sutton P1420934ropes are involved and all the problems are relatively short, allowing numerous different climbs to be tackled in one day.

All seven climbers had a great time making the most of the different styles of problem available and were soon mixing with the regular locals, swapping tips and trading advice.  Things were enlivened by a large bag of wasabi peanuts which had an eye opening (watering?) effect on the unwary.  As ever there was a great atmosphere and lots of friendly advice and banter –it is always great to see the different year groups mixing so well.

By mid-afternoon arms were tired and fingers were sore so we pottered back to School in good time, with many problems proudly vanquished, but leaving a few challenges to be attempted again another day.