Despite a fairly grim weather forecast, and the usual hectic nature of life at Cranleigh, thirty Gold D of E candidates set out on Saturday evening for an overnight navigation exercise.  They were based at Ranmore Scout Camp, just above Dorking in the Surrey Hills.  This proved ideal for purpose, as it provided a relatively sheltered camp site and a complex area of wooded hillside in which was set up an orienteering style course for the participants to find their way round in the dark.  Everyone eventually made it back to camp, having found most of the check points, and most even professed to having enjoyed the experience, despite initial misgivings.  In the end the weather was kind and everyone soon settled down to spend a relatively comfortable night cocooned in their tents.

The weather continued to hold off on Sunday and saw the groups further practising their navigation skills, walking back along the crest of the North Downs to eventually be picked up at Silent Pool, in time to get home for a well-deserved Sunday Lunch.

Well done to all those who participated; many useful lessons will have been learnt and thanks to LJJB, GLG and AMY for helping out.

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Dr SAH Young

Head of Outdoor Education