OxbCrestsCranleigh has enjoyed pleasing success at Oxbridge entry this year, with four unconditional and four conditional offers in subjects ranging from English Literature and Classics to Chemistry and Computer Science.  Six of the offers are from Oxford and two from Cambridge, where the selection procedures are heavily reliant on statistical data as a drive to increase the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

‘We are very pleased with our Oxbridge success this year,’ said Guy Waller, who retires as Head at the end of this academic year. ‘It is a real reward for the pupils concerned and for the teachers who have taught and prepared them.’

This year’s offers are as follows:
Unconditional offers:   
Beth Andrew: Classics (Oxford)
Horatio Cox: Natural Sciences (Cambridge)
Charlie La Fosse: English Literature (Oxford)
Mikey Linford: Chemistry (Oxford)

Conditional Offers:    
Cameron Henderson: Biochemistry (Oxford)
Fin Johnston: English Literature (Oxford)
Nat McAleese-Park: Computer Science (Cambridge)
Angus Young: Chemistry (Oxford)