On Tuesday 18th of March, the L6th classics students visited Cambridge to help further their understanding of free standing sculpture in Ancient Greece, which is part of their AS level course.  After an early start and a long bus journey, they reached the Fitzwilliam museum which houses a miscellany of artefacts such as colossal marble figures andphoto stone sarcophagi.  After browsing the galleries, they made their way towards the University’s faculty of Classics where they were guided around a variety of scaled replicas of statues relevant to the course, which proved beneficial, as the ability to walk around the statues and view them in the way the sculptor intended improved understanding of the statues’ specific details. In addition to this, they received the  expert opinion of Dr Caroline Vout, who provided an alternative interpretation of the art and provided interesting answers to a variety of questions that were asked.  It was a very enjoyable and beneficial day out, and one that Cranleigh pupils can hope to look forward to in the future.

Jordan Bedford (L6th)